Explanation of Beauty Treatments

Facials – Facial is a great way to make your skin look lovely and clear. By getting a facial done your skin becomes nourished and hydrated. It will make the skin glow and a fresh, dewy look can be achieved. A facial involves several things. The skin is cleansed thoroughly, then it is exfoliated and the blackheads/ whiteheads are removed. A facial massage is given and a face mask is applied suiting your skin requirements. Lastly moisturizers and sunscreen are applied.

.Open Pores Treatment – Open pores in the skin can become a great problem if not treated properly. These can occur on your face, back, upper arms, chest areas, etc. Pores cannot be closed or shrunk quickly. The process takes time; face wash containing retinol or antioxidants can cleanse the pores. Then exfoliation is necessary. Micro derma abrasion treatments are quite effective in treating open pores.

All types of Skin Peels (Chemical)

.Chemical peels are used to treat the skin. A chemical solution is applied over the skin. This procedure is done in order to remove the dead skin so that new and fresh skin can grow. There are basically three types of chemical peels- Superficial, medium and deep peels. Superficial peels are the mildest and suitable for all skin types. Medium peels have a deeper effect. Deep peels penetrate the skin deeply and can be done only on the face. Deep peels actually lighten/ bleach the skin.

.Potali Massage – Potali massage can be done for the entire body or a specific body part. The potli or cloth bag contains a blend of herbs, medicinal leaves, etc. and then warm oil is poured over the body. Then this potli massage is done.

.Tummy Tuck – If you are obese and looking to lose a lot of weight then tummy tuck is a procedure you can choose. Tummy tuck is a surgical way of removing that excess flab in the abdomen area. It is also called “abdominoplasty”. The extra fat and skin is removed from the abdomen area and the result is a flat tummy. To undergo this procedure you must be in good health.

.Eyebrow Tinting – The process of eyebrow tinting means dyeing your eyebrow. It can be done at a salon or beauty parlor by a professional. Never try doing this at home on your own. It can be either temporary or permanent tinting. Done on the basis of the colour of your hair.

.Eyelash Perms – Want those long curly eyelashes, try eyelash perming. The lashes are coated with special adhesive and mini rollers or heated clips are rolled on to the eyelashes. A perming solution is then applied to your eyelashes then. The procedure takes a few minutes to be completed.

.Manicures – Manicures are necessary to take care of your nails and hands altogether. The nails are filed, shaped and massage of the hand is done. Afterwards nail polish is applied completing the procedure. This leaves your hand feeling baby soft and they look absolutely clean and beautiful. . Trendy nail wraps (Without manicures) – Have you dreamed of getting a beautiful nail art pattern that does not smudge or chip away? Then foil wraps are the solution. With no drying time necessary you will be ready to go at the end of your treatment.

.Pedicures – The best way to get clean and well maintained look for your feet is to get a pedicure. A lady’s feet should look lovely too. In pedicure your feet will be cleaned and the dead skin rubbed off. The nails are filed and cleaned and lotion is applied over the feet. A foot massage is also done to complete the procedure.

.Brazilian Wax – Brazilian wax is a popular way to remove the hair in the pubic region. These differ from any normal bikini waxes as the hair is removed completely in the back, front and in between areas. The entire procedure takes about 15-20 minutes to be completed.

.Chocolate Wax – Made of cocoa beans and skin-friendly elements like sunflower oils and glycerin, chocolate wax is very beneficial. When compared to regular waxing, it is less painful and gentle for the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties do not cause the common redness or an after-wax rash.